I’m Bojan. 24 years old male from Macedonia, currently living in Skopje.

A passionate front-end web developer with experience using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS to build all aspects of the UI/UX for client-facing landing pages. Specializes in using jQuery to build e-commerce sites.

My always goal and responsibility as a web developer is implementing modern visual elements that users can always find attractive and easy to use. Filling the gap between graphical design and technical implementation, also taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application looks as well as how it works as I'm learning the fundamentals of PHP and MySQL.

Every day strengthening my knowledge to improve UI/UX for all of us.

Professionally we all have pros and cons. My deficiency is lack of experience like working on real projects. Hopefully, we can make this deficiency of mine become my leverage.


..ahh, programming.

[2013-2018] Our paths crossed back in 2013 when I got accepted to the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia.
With 120+ ECTS credits earned and unfinished bussiness at the faculty, I decided to focus on one thing, something I fell in love with, Web Development.

[2019-2020] That's why I enrolled at the Everest Web Academy to finesse my knowledge, where I completed their Front-end course at the very top of my class.

Now I'm fully confident of what I'm capable of.


Small projects I've done throughout the education time  

Project #1
Project #2
Project #3
Project #4
Project #5
Project #6
Project #7
Project #8
Project #9

#1 Carousel

Eye-catching simple carousel with PNG files. Obtaining 3D effect with two navigation arrows and click to interact option with changing dynamic description(text) below the carousel.

#2 Responsive one page site

One page mobile friendly website w/ CSS made responsive drop down menu.

#3 Interactive Map

jQuery based interactive map w/ JPEG template, where you can choose between cities and continents.

#4 To-Do List

Fully interactive To-Do list maker. Made in jQuery. Using local storage which means everything will be saved even if u reload the page :)

#5 FAQ

jQuery based FAQ list w/ expanding answers.

#6 Sliding Panels

jQuery based stylish sliding panels.

#7 Graph

Non interactive graph chart. jQuery based.

#8 Dropdown Menu

Heading says it all. Optimized for IE7 and IE8. jQuery based.

#9 Pop-Up text

Tracking mouse movement, explanation pop-up transparent text containing PNGs. jQuery based.